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  • 5-Stage Compact RO System (Top-Counter) A-225-14
Model No. A-225-14
Description HY5099T 5-Stage Compact RO System (Top-Counter)
RO membrane housing x 1
King-Pro 50G RO Membrane x 1
Booster Pump x 1
Pump Transformer x 1
Solenoid Valve(1/4") x 1
Prevent back-flow valve / Check Valve x 1
Flow Restrictor(400ml) x 1
Ceramics Faucet (Silver)x 1
Steel Storage Tank (2.0g) x 1 - Assembled inside the Case
High Pressure Switches x 1
Low Pressure Switches x 1
Faucet Adapter x 1
Drain Clamp x 1
Brass Ball Valve x 1
Bracket x 1
Single Clip x 1
* The parts in the (  ) is the optional item, not included or used in the unit, but you could choose to use or replace the original item with the one in (  ).
●Can be placed on Counter-Top or Under-Counter
●When placed on the countertop, it can act just like a water dispenser! (No HOT or COLD feature) Just push down the button, as the picture shown.
●Elegantly designed for convenient portability! Everything you need is inside of this case!     P.S: Also easy for cleaning!
●NO MORE SPANNER WRENCH!! Easy filter replacements!!
●Quick-Connect fitting for easy installation
●Space saving? Yes! The HY-5088 combines the RO system and its tank! Also, bugs can't get in!

5-Stage Compact RO System (Top-Counter) A-225-14

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